Frequently Asked Questions

Informal sector workers

1) You should be 21 – 55 years old

2) You must be a market trader with a fixed location [a stall]

Formal sector workers

1) You should be 21 – 55 years old

2) You must be a salary earner with a minimum of 1 year in your current job

3) You must not have a history of returned checks on your account

1) It takes up to 5 business days to be notified if you have been approved

2) At which point, you will receive an sms alerting you that you have been accepted to the club and you can begin purchasing

  1. You can app:

a)  Visit one of our locations

b)  Apply online

c)  Or call us on ________

  1. The amount that each club member qualifies for to spend is dependent on a few factors:

a)  Your income

b)  Your payment history as a customer

  1. 4 passport photographs
  2. Bank statement showing six months of salary

*Any forged documents will be reported to the police*

Please visit _________ for full information on our locations and contact details

No, you can also apply online and over the phone

A payment schedule will be provided with every purchase you make

You can make payments by coming to an Altara location or by bank transfer

Yes, you can make all the remaining payments for the product early

No, you must make the full payments due on the dates agreed and at the decided intervals. If you do not make a full payment on your due date, your account will go into arrears and you may account late fees

Failure to make payments will automatically prohibit you from accessing any other Altara product now and in the future. Altara employs payment collectors to recover the value of the item purchased, will levy late fees and may be forced to take legal action with non payment

No, you will not be able to restructure your payment, you are bound to the pre-agreed terms as listed on “Terms and Conditions”

Yes, you can purchase up to your Altara Limit