• Are you a salaried worker or a non-salaried worker?

• Come to an Altara Center to find a wide variety of products for your store or home.

• Everybody is welcome, everybody can participate.

• Shop now – pay later: Generators, Fridges, Stoves, Mobiles and many more

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About Us

At Altara, our mission is simple: to improve the lives of Nigerians. To do this, Altara and its dedicated team seek to tackle a critical challenge in Africa – access to payment solutions that make product prices more digestible.

Altara was founded on the simple idea that trust begets trust.

Our debut product is “shop now, pay later” where we allow formal & informal sector workers, and SME owners purchase a variety of products and equipment for their homes and businesses but instead of paying for the products in full upfront, pay small amount overtime.

By coming to one of our showrooms, you can view a suite of product that we offer, apply to be a valued Altara customer and purchase your desired product within a week.

Everyone is welcome to apply, so click the apply now button below.

Remember, this is just the beginning. Altara will be rolling out innovative solutions that allow you stretch your budget even further, so check in periodically at altaracredit.com or apply now and we keep you updated via your phone contact.